Monday, October 29, 2012

Ghazal for Trees

Ghazal for Trees, October 29, 2012

Huracan is coming.
The stillness of waiting has passed. 

Trees, thank you for shade.  For your work as windbreak
and cleanser of air.  For leaves that fall and soften this clay.

Huracan.  Trees, try out your vocal chords, tentative rushes
that send old leaves spiraling across mountains. 

Thank you for the black walnuts and acorns,
pecans and paw paws, persimmons and wild Asian pears.

Thank you for pinecones, hickory nuts.  Thank you for fragrant
long-needles and sweet sap rising up.  Thank you for green.

Huracan!  Trees, stretch.  Limber up.  Strip down
to bare bark for this battle.  Huracan.  Dig in, trees.

Dig down with your roots and your intentions.  Be strong.  
Bend, creak, groan.  Prepare your songs for fighting, for twisting, for breaking.

Dream of the afterlife promised by seeds. 
Dream of the glory in standing

in the footprints
of Huracan.

- Deborah A. Miranda

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