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Reviews, Readings and Events

Deborah A. Miranda with one of her favorite redwood friends, in the courtyard at Carmel Mission.
Photo by Louise J. Ramirez Miranda

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Reviews just in: 

Beverly Slapin's review of Bad Indians on American Indians in Children's Literature Blog

Excerpt:  "Some childhood memories, some faded photographs, some snippets of stories written down word for word by an anthropologist, some paragraphs from old textbooks. A lesser author might have crafted a novel spanning the generations, a linear novel, maybe a chapter for each character. But Deborah didn’t and wouldn’t do that; it would have dishonored her ancestors. Rather, she looks at what is—the pieces, the shards of a broken mirror—and interprets, imagines, wonders. If she doesn’t know a thing, she says so. Throughout, she is in awe of the voices, drawings, photos, whatever she can find—all treasured gifts, entrusted to her by the elders and ancestors she never got to meet."

Kirkus Review of Bad Indians
A Tribal Memoir
Author: Miranda, Deborah A.
Miranda (English/Washington and Lee Univ.; The Zen of La Llorona, 2005, etc.), blends narrative, poetry, photos, anthropological recordings and more into a mosaic of memory of her own life and that of her people, the California Indians.

“The arc of leather, sharp edges of cured hide, instrument of punishment coming from two hundred years out of the past,” writes the author about yet another beating of her brother by her violent, alcoholic father. She ties this personal violence to the historical violence of the padres of the California missions, who, through beatings, torture, rape and enslavement, decimated and broke the California Indians. Miranda rails against turning this saga into a “Mission Fantasy Fairy Tale,” and through history, contemporary accounts and newspaper clippings, she reveals the brutality behind the myth. And what of the legacy of this brutality? Was her father, from whom she inherited her Indian blood, blindingly violent as the only way he knew how to survive? To survive the padres’ past, need the victims become destroyers? Neglected, abandoned, terrorized, raped (by a neighbor) as a child, Miranda slowly found her way through writing and through the work and hope that the surviving California Indians might rebuild in creative new ways their lost lives. This is not a linear narrative; present and past weave together, historical account leaves off for poetry and lyrical fantasy, the personal and political collide. This is confusing at times and does not always work, but such weakness is overcome by the bold beauty of Miranda’s words.

A searing indictment of the ravages of the past and a hopeful look at the courage to confront and overcome them.
 Readings & Events for Bad Indians

October 2012
5-6       CSU San Marcos, CA  California Indian Conference

November 2012

8       San Francisco, CA Heyday Books Fundraiser:  6th Annual Heyday Harvest, California Historical Society, 678 Mission St., San Francisco, CA  map

9       San Francisco, CA: City College of San Francisco.  Guest lecturer in "Interdisciplinary Studies 37: Racial and Ethnic Groups in the U.S." with Professor Jean Ishibashi. 10-11 a.m.

10     Berkeley, CA  EastWind Books. 2066 University Ave, Berkeley CA.  3 p.m.  Booksigning & reading.

January 2013

16         Bad Indians Reading & Signing.  Washington and Lee U, Lexington
VA.  4:30.  Hillel House (on Washington Street, across from Healthy Foods Co-op).

17       Bad Indians Reading & Signing.  CaliforniaHistorical Society. San Francisco, CA.  6:00.  678 Mission Street  San Francisco, CA 94105 (415) 357-1848. 

19       Heyday Auction Writing Workshop (private) 12-5. 

21-22    UC Santa Cruz with Carolyn Dunn's and Amy Lonetree's classes.  1156
High Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95064.

23       Bad Indians Reading & Signing.  Pegasus Books on Solano.  7:30 p.m. 1855 Solano Avenue Berkeley, CA 94704  510-525-6888.  

24        Native TV interview/reading with Rose Amador, 1:00.
             Reading at California State University at Monterey Bay, evening.

25       Poets @ The Women’s Building.  7-9 p.m. with Kim Shuck, Indira Allegra, Devorah Major, Jewell Gomez.  3543 18th St.  San Francisco, CA 94110 (415) 431-1180. 

26       Bad Indians Reading & Signing.  CaliforniaGenealogical Society, Oakland CA.  2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. California Genealogical Society Library 2201 Broadway, Suite LL2  Oakland, California 94612.  

28-29          Oregon State U, Corvallis OR with Professor Qwo-Li Driskill’s class.

31-2/1        Kenyon College, Gambier OH with Professor Janet McAdams

February 2013

17-24  The 22nd Annual Havana Book Fair, Cuba.  

March 2013

Special note about March: Professor Miranda is already overbooked for this month, AND her daughter is going to deliver a baby sometime mid-month.  So we are not taking any more March gigs - please ask about other dates!

6-9       Boston, MA  AWP Conference 

TBA     A reading at Wheelock College in Boston during this time period is also in the works, time/date/place to be determined.

21       Charlottesville, VA  Virginia Festival of the Book with Karenne Wood and Allison Hedge Coke

22-23  Native American Literature Symposium, Minneapolis MN.   -->

20-21  Los Angeles Festival of Books at USC

23         Reading at UCLA.  Time & place TBA.

TBA     Reading at Tia Chucha's Centro Cultural and Bookstore.  
-->13197 Gladstone Avenue, Sylmar, CA 91342.  (818) 939-3433.   

More to come soon!

Deborah A. Miranda reading "Indian Cartography" (a poem) at Fall for the Book Festival at George Mason U, 2011

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