Friday, October 30, 2009

Thinking about hearts


Poor hearts rattle paper cups on the sidewalk,
earn rent limping in three-inch stilettos,

burn holes in their pockets with unrequited love.
Poor hearts slouch in the unemployment line every month,

have more lust than sense, believe tenderness
is the root of all evil. Poor hearts

support someone else’s illegal habit,
post bail for an unfaithful lover,

squander their savings on get-love-quick schemes in Florida.
They lose their shirts when the bubble bursts,

fall for counterfeit affections, don’t have
no change for the lonely bus home.

Poor hearts love under the table all their lives,
operate on the barter system, pray for fair trade,

believe if you love hard enough …
Poor hearts can’t budget for the long haul,

get lunch at St. Leo’s kitchen, recycle
the same cheap passion till it’s threadbare.

Poor hearts do the loving no one else wants to do,
avoid the dentist till the tooth’s rotted out,

moonlight with coyotes to make ends meet.
Poor hearts flutter so thin and faded

they just need to be taken
out of circulation altogether -

set fire, burned right
down to newborn ash.

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