Sunday, May 4, 2008

Three Day's Worth

I've been gone to the California Indian Storytelling Festival in Palm Springs, away from the internet. Chumash poet Georgiana Sanchez, her sister Sue and Sue's husband Ray, and grandma Nonnie were my hosts and guides. Being their guest was a gift!

My first basket. Made in the workshop with Jacque Nunez at the storytelling festival. I'm proud of it despite my mistakes. The tiny abalone shell was courtesy of Jacque's husband, who drilled the tiny holes with his pump drill on the spot (I'm sorry that I didn't get his name). This is really a starter-basket: Jacque had already started the base, and finished off the top. I am a kindergartner in the basket-weaving spectrum - on a good day. Still, I felt pretty joyful to even accomplish the basics. Everyone there told me that it's a tradition to give away your first basket. I will give that some consideration, and decide who to gift with it. At first I thought it would be hard. But then, I thought, "things." The joy of creating that basket will always be with me; why not pass it on?

Here is the lovely Jacque herself, teaching:

May 4, Sunday

"Dances with Palms" - a photograph taken on my phone camera when we stopped at the Hadley's market in Cabezon. Those are the San Jacinto Mountains. These are the kind of mountains that make me feel like burrowing into them and finding my way home.

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