Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Song of Myself

Song of Myself
(with thanks to Google)

According to the US Census Bureau, 0.494% of US residents have the first name 'Deborah' and 0.019% have the surname 'Miranda'. The US has around 300 million residents, so we guesstimate there are 282 'Deborah Miranda's. – www.isthisyour.name/

I am a third-year cadet in the Salvation Army, serving in Brazil.
I am president of Instituto Hebreo Dr. Chaim Weizman in Santiago, Chile.
I helped protect the neighborhood mosque in Seattle for months after September 11th.
I am a member of Proactive Evangelism Ministries, Inc. and the Youth Evangelism Team in San Jose.
I’m a Sister at God is Love Pentacostal church in Ghana. Write to me at: B20/16 Darkuman Junction, Behind Mobil filling station, Accra, West Africa.

I am a grad student at Mississippi State University, in the Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work Program.
I am a mother on the Oak Park Elementary Stillwater Area Schools Board of Education.
I will graduate from Westchester Community College in White Plains in June.
I graduated from Southwestern Oklahoma State University in 1982.
I am a student in Comunicação Social- Jornalismo at Centro Universitário Newton Paiva.
I’m on the Dean’s List at Western Carolina University.
I co-wrote a paper on identity theft at California State University, Sacramento.

I am night dispatcher for the Houston fire department.
I work at House on the Hill, a substance abuse rehabilitation program for women in the Silicon Valley.
I am a licensed Marriage Family Therapist in clinical psychology.
I work out of the Phoenix Field Office of the Bureau of Land Management.
I am a nurse at Mississippi University for Women.
I am a customer relationship advisor in India.
I supervise donations and consumer promotions for the Castle Rock Community Club.
I am a teller at Framingham Co-operative Bank.
I am cafeteria staff at Marsh Elementary School.

I still search the Katrina bulletin boards looking for Dana Bernich.
I took my daughter to the Bowling for Rhinos event sponsored by Little Rock Zoo.
I live in Vacaville, California with my husband, who has plasmacytoma, an aggressive form of blood cancer.
I love to visit Tybee Beach in Savannah with my three boys.
I am married to Jose, Melvin, Gerardo, George, Trent, Miguel, Apolinario, Roberto, Tony, and Juanita.

I am Art Director in the Mexican film “El Amor Perfecto.”
I am a percussionist in the Zoe jazz quintet.
I teach Capoeira Angola Danza in Bogota.
I am criminal case # 67217 in Jefferson County, Texas.
I regularly attend meetings of Kaneohe Bay Regional Council.
I competed in United States Judo Federation’s Junior and Youth Nationals.

It’s good to know that in one of my lives I never
gave up the drums, finally learned how to dance
in another. All the things I ever dreamed of doing.
And probably a few things
I wish I hadn’t.

In Corpus Christi, I’m 24 years old.
In San Antonio I’m 26.
In Milwaukee I’m 34.
In Staten Island, I’m 37.
In Tucson I’m 41.
In Stillwater I’m 42.
In Hickory Creek, I’m 47.
In Cranston and Brooklyn, I’m 50.
In Chesapeake I’m 51.
In Hollister, I’m 55.
In Monterey, Carmel and Stockton I’m 61.
In Santa Monica I’m 63.
In Phoenix I’m 65.
In Manson I’m 72.

at every age
we are singing.

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